Online Management


Social networks are a communications tool serving the most important areas of the world of sport, football in particular.

The management of a football professional’s digital social networking (Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) must be handled by experts. Leaving the management of their social network presence to an inexperienced team will generate immediate and long-term problems that can translate into very real harm to players and coaches at several levels.
Increasingly more informed and demanding, football fans are also increasingly less passive. They demand dialogue, input and output of feedback, the right to an opinion and the right to be heard. Fans want to feel unique and special in their relationship to players and coaches. Indeed, players and coaches unwilling to enter into this new relationship may loose their ability to explore their value to the full extent as brands and sports agents.

Social networks present a complexity and a set of challenges to be found in no other territory (digital or otherwise). Therefore, the unprepared presence of a player or coach in social networks can be more harmful than not being present at all.

For these reasons, working together with Football Improvement is the right option, as we have a team able to develop the full potential of players and coaches.

Football Improvement offers an efficient, experienced and astute team in contents management. Each player and coach is different and idiosyncratic .We build and manage communications channels to generate empathy between players and coaches and the public, in particular the fans.